• user_icon@2xMalaya Khandelwal
    Malaya Khandelwal, B tech from IIT Madras and Masters from Carnegie Mellon has been a leader in Engineering simulation and has been at the helm of affairs in academia. Having worked for GRI Chicago, as a Research Engineer for over 8 years, he returned to his roots in India. Subsequently he served GRI as an independent consultant doing Mathematical modelling of Industrial processes for them. Meanwhile, he also developed a mentoring outfit, training IIT JEE aspirants in the precincts of the setup. Over the years he stood distinctly enviable in the fraternity of mentors having a strong Industry background and the best of education from India and abroad.
  • user_icon@2xMainak Bagchi
    He is a business process and IT expert and has over 10 years of professional experience with Tier One IT consulting company and has recruitment experience for last 7 years.
  • user_icon@2xKapil Chowdhary
    A successful businessman with proven track record and has 15 years of rich experience in business at and with large in country and offshore companies. An expert of business process and cross country regulations.
  • user_icon@2xGautam Mukherjee
    An experienced IITan with 3 decades of experience as bureaucrat with Govt of India and as a Technocrat with tier 1 multinationals. Strong industry network with sound domain knowledge.